Season 2 Episode 11 – How to stop overreacting

Have you had an argument recently, or an interaction with someone that didn’t go as you hoped it would?

What was your reaction in this situation?  Was it anger, defensiveness, or shutting down?  

Did you say what you truly wanted to say? 
Did you hold back?  
Or did you say something hurtful?

Is there something you feel about this situation that you can’t put your finger on why it bothers you so much?  Or do you think you know why, but you don’t know how to express it to that person?

In this podcast episode, I go into 

-brain-body mechanisms that lead to overreactions
-connecting the dots between your childhood and anxiety, stress, depression and other challenges you may be facing
-A process to help us be less reactive and increase our attentional control during difficult interactions