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We can activate brain-body systems to work in our favor and help us feel better, find a sense of purpose, connect with others and achieve more of what we want.


"I’ve been following Stefanie and her work for years. I was introduced to her work at a workshop when I was a special ed teacher. I immediately was fascinated and at the time felt called to embody growth mindset myself before trying to teach it to children. I attended many of her weekend incentives and also masterminds. Her podcast and content have great value! Especially if you are in any role of authority and leadership. These are practices that I have learned, embodied and now also teach my clients as an entrepreneur. Highly recommend!"

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"Stefanie’s work has affirmed and supported teaching practices that I have always felt strongly about. The neuroscience explanations have also helped me have a deeper understanding of students and how to effectively meet students need"

ABOUT ME: I'm a neuroscience specialist with expertise in optimizing learning, performance, attentional control, cognitive flexibility, neurodiverse challenges and emotion regulation using biofeedback, cognitive training and frameworks that integrate childhood experiences and family systems. I have worked as a counselor, cognitive trainer, reading therapist, research analyst, coordinator of learning programs, and have analyzed many physiological aspects of nervous system states and brain functioning including electric conductance of the skin (GSR), facial electromyography (EMG), heart rate variability and quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG). I integrate all of this with my experience training in monasteries with meditation masters from Vietnam, India and West Africa. I now work with some of the world’s largest companies, as well as non-profits, teachers, parents, healers, and people who want to impact the world with their unique gifts and talents.